CAPITAL IQ Job Interview Experiences and Aptitude Questions

Class : B.TECH


Company in which selected : CAPITAL IQ



Quantitative : 20 Minutes

Reasoning / Analytical : 10 Minutes

Verbal English : 10 Minutes

Technical : 30 Minutes


Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections in Written Exam:

Questions from quantitative,reasoning and verbal english were all very easy and can be done if R.S. Agrawal is done properly… Questions were very easy…. About technical they asked two questions….

1.Write program to find no. of 1s in a character.

2.Print number into words like we do in cheque…1234=one thousand two hundred thirty-four.

And then one question was —What kind of team you want to work for???



Since I applied for DBA I was only asked about Database and Data mining. There was 1st round of interview in college for 45 minutes.They asked about full database book..Then there was 3 more rounds of technical interview in the company with experts which was again in database but a little tougher with different scenarios given like something asked in our exam papers…



There were 2 rounds of interview in the company along with some 5 min tricky questions in the college itself like :

  • What will you do if you are given 2000 $’s ?
  • What are your weak and strong points?
  • Tell some events where you first were failing to achieve but at last you got it along with some where you didn’t…

As I applied for DBA, I was mostly asked why I was choosing the profession? What makes to love Database not development?



The process was too hectic and since it was my second option so I was not frightened.. The main questions they asked was all what we studied and their questions and hints were very useful for next questions to be solved….



Just be cool with all your sensations with you and don’t take basics light..

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