Samsung Aptitude Questions, Interview Experiences and Placement Process



Company in which selected : SAMSUNG 


Aptitude Test    :  60 Minutes

Quantitative       : 30 Minutes

Reasoning / Analytical  :  30 Minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

In the quantitative section, they asked questions from Data Interpretation, like the ones you would find while preparing for CAT or GRE.

The analytical section had questions like ” There are 3 trucks 1,2,3 and they have to make 7 deliveries, A, B, C, D,E,F,G.” A set of conditions were given and questions were based on these constraints. This was an interesting section to solve.


The interviewer started off asking me about the projects that I had done. I had attended a DSP workshop at IIT Madras where we learnt about the working of Blackfinn processor. I explained about the processor and the various programs we had implemented on it.

Next he asked about data structures, especially queues. He asked me to write a C program to implement it.

Lastly he asked me about computer architecture. He asked me what was the basic block diagram of a Computer system. He then asked me to explain how a Computer system worked. ( Request from an I/O device, How the CPU responds, Different types of Data Transfer,etc).

Basically he asked me more questions from microprocessors and computer architecture. A basic knowledge of C or C++ is required.


The HR was interested in knowing only one thing, that is if I was comfortable relocating to Noida. He asked this question quite a few times. Apart from this , he asked why I was interested in Samsung and why this job in particular.


The interviews were a good experience. The interviewers were all friendly and open to questions. I was fascinated by the technology they were working on and I had asked a couple of questions which they answered happily.


The apti is quite easy to crack so no worries there. They aren’t looking for toppers so even students with low pointers have a good shot. Know your resume well. Do not simply write about projects to fill your resume as they ask a lot of questions from it. Be calm and confident when you answer. Also ask questions. Make them believe that you are interested in their company and their work.

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